The Science

Clinical Study

Tired of a patchy or thin beard?

Patchy beard growth is more common than you would expect, with 1 in every 3 men affected. Not only is having a patchy beard said to negatively impact self-esteem, it is also reported as frustrating due to the limited number of solutions out there.

Until now! Beards4 Bros™ is here with good news.

A recent clinical study conducted over 150 days, showed that 96% of men gained an average of 13, 500 new beard hairs and increased their beard density by 55%!

Natural Ingredients

Our Beards4 Bros™ Premium Beard Growth Kits include natural ingredients such as Capila Longa, Biotin and Arginine.

Capila Longa, commonly referred to as turmeric, is proven to have strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory characteristics, all of which support hair growth.

Biotin, a form of vitamin B, and Arginine, an amino acid involved in increasing blood flow, have been expertly chosen for their powerful ability to stimulate hair growth without compromising skin safety.

We're here to help! Get a full beard by following this easy three-step process:

Step 1:

Sterilize the Beards4 Bros™ Beard Roller with the Beards4 Bros™ Sanitizer and allow to dry for 10 seconds.

Rinse Beards4 Bros™ Beard Roller with water and dry completely.

Step 2:

Wash your face with water and dry. This removes excess dirt, establishing a clean base for our products to work perfectly.

Roll the Beards4 Bros™ Beard Roller gently over patchy areas of your beard. Move up and down then diagonally about 10 times for optimal results and growth. Beard rolling should be done only two times per week.

The 540 titanium micro-needles in our Beard Roller, create microscopic channels in your skin, preparing it for ultimate absorption of the Activator Serum used in Step 3. The process of micro-needling maximizes the distribution of nutrition to facial follicles.

Step 3:

Pump a small amount of the Beards4 Bros™ Activator Serum onto your fingertips and massage it gently into the patchy areas of your beard, treated by the beard roller.

The Beards4 Bros™ Activator Serum is the ultimate growth fuel for your beard. For best results repeat this daily and as part of your morning skincare routine.

Capila Longa, Biotin and Arginine, natural ingredients in our Activator Serum, have been expertly chosen for their powerful ability to stimulate hair growth without compromising skin safety.

Comb your beard daily to continue the stimulation of epidermal skin cells and the absorption of the Beards4 Bros™ Activator Serum.

Through this easy three-step process, dormant facial hair will be provided with nutrients and an optimal environment to grow. Not only will these hairs be thicker, providing a fuller looking beard, the patchy areas will fill, giving you the beard you have always dreamt of.